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Continuous and progressive improvement has always been the philosophy of the people who work in our family of companies.

Today, Bosque del Mar has managed to implement a series of sustainable practices in its daily operation and, above all, the chance in the attitude and awareness of our collaborators and relatives.

Since hotel conceptualization, we have developed facilities to improve sustainability standards, achieving the commitment of owners, management and staff to operate the business in responsible manner in social, economic and environmental spheres.

We promote ideas and projects, seeking to motive the staff to apply sustainability in daily life and bring them to their families and communities, through education and example.




  • We are pioneers in the area in water treatment due the plant we installed since 2008. This daily process treats all the water used in the property, returning around 70% of it in optimal conditions to be used for watering gardens and filling toilet tanks.
  • Our housekeeping department practices the “delayed chance of towels and sheets” system, thus achieving significant saving in the consumption of water, electricity and laundry products.
  • All hotel writing and printing paper is classified for reuse or delivered to recycling collection centers.
  • We encourage our customers to save water and energy.
  • We permanently cooperate with different projects related to social and environmental matters.
  • We maintain a constant training program for our staff.
  • We develop a preventive maintenance program in all our facilities and equipment.
  • We place a Guide Book in each room so our guests have enough information during their stay.
  • Throughout the construction and furnishing process, the woods used have been legal species.
  • We have achieved a reduction of nearly 90% in the use of chlorine and other chemical cleaning supplies, replacing them with organic and biodegradable products.
  • We avoid the use of plastic tableware and any other type of disposable packaging, in addition to having replaced all common garbage bags for biodegradable materials.
  • The bottles of water on sale are made of reusable material in a percentage of its composition.
  • As company, we comply with obligations and responsibilities according to Costa Rican Law as social security, insurance policies, minimum wages and others.
  • We are affiliated with Costa Rican Code of Conduct, to prevent sexual exploitation of children in tourism industry.
  • We carry our regular water analysis to certify its quality.
  • We use energy- saving fluorescent light bulbs in all facilities.
  • We have intelligent electrical systems in each room to save energy. This way, lights, fans and A/C are deactivated every time the clients leave the room.
  • All suites have solar panels to heat shower waters.
  • Each building has been designed with as much natural light as possible, seeking energy savings.
  • The hotel design allows trees to pass through structures, respecting natural environment as much as possible.
  • About 90% of our staff are from the area, which is one of the ways we support local development. In addition to reducing transportation costs and vehicular pollution.
  • Our photovoltaic system generates 35% of electricity consumed in the facilities.
  • We have 100% solar water heaters
100% Responsible with the environment.